Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha (elethe) wrote,

Bullying Balls

That anti-bullying charity that made allegations about Gordon Brown has just had every one of its patrons resign - though they are still all listed on their [ugly] website.

Go to their contact details page they say:


We have a clear privacy policy. We do not share your details with anyone. In a situation where you may wish us to support you in bringing a complaint against your employer we would observe conflict of interest. Where we are asked to mediate we would seek consent from both the employee and the employer to ensure that this approach suited all the parties. Click here to see our Terms and Conditions."

A company that can't even spell privacy probably doesn't have any.

The charity runs [and refers people to] a company called The Bullying Business and it certainly seems like they are in the business of bullying.
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