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On Reviews

I had one review in 2012 for a show several audience members had tweeted was the funniest thing they had ever seen. The reviewer (who arrived late) did not get it at all.

I have read quite a few reviews of shows (and other things) that I loved, and later been dismayed at how differently they were perceived and judged by reviewers.

Often shows I hated have been lauded.

Reviews are fun if you are writing them and they are helpful to a potential audience member who has the exact same tastes, sense of humour, IQ and life experiences as the reviewer. Even twins usually don't share all the same traits, so really only the reviewer can ever agree entirely with the opinion of the reviewer. And even they might have had a different opinion if they had eaten something different that day, if it hadn't rained or if the person they bumped into on the bus had said sorry. Or if they had bothered to turn up in time for the beginning and hadn't sat too far back to see things properly.

Reviews can be entertaining if they are full of well-worded vitriol, but then they are really just the writer showing off.

Otherwise they are meaningless, and once whatever they were reviewing has finished or is not available a bad review is just like a lingering smell. Only a good review is of any use to anyone because it can be used for publicity.

A bad review will likely be remembered by the victim and may hang about on the internet being a horrible reminder to them - but nobody is going to quote a bad review unless it is to show how stupid and wrong the reviewer was when talking about something everyone else agreed was wonderful.

I say this as someone who has reviewed, been reviewed and read reviews.

For anyone about to do a show in the upcoming weeks, in Edinburgh and beyond: those who are about to die, we salute you.


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Aug. 31st, 2014 03:21 am (UTC)
Send it to me. I am mmcshannoniii@yahoo.com I am also majesticmeteor@yahoo.com and quantumdriven@aol.com

I wish to see this thing that has not so much consumed you as rather annoyed you.

I remember your 2008 Edinburgh video where you were close to tears because you and Buckminster Broadstreet didn't get any review at all for your "Mother's Fat Accident" show.
Yes that was cruel, but now it's time for you to unveil the cruelness that was unleashed upon you in another year.

Also, I'm curious as to if your former employers at the satellite tv magazine/web-page ever wrested control over your reviews whiles you worked there. You know... such as, "ELISE, you can't 'sod-off' on that program; their goddamn studio is our biggest advertiser, eh?"

Just curious.
--M.S.M. III
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