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48 Hours

Took part in a 48 hour film challenge the other week but the guy doing the editing didn't finish it in time so we missed the deadline.

I tweaked it a little and put it on Youtube (added Kevin Macleod music and a few extra cuts - but it is still rough and ready!)

Anyway, here it is. It is what it is - we didn't have great equipment or any external mics or lighting and nobody was really in charge, but it's ok for a quck and messy collaboration. I have since got the original foortage so I might try another edit, or I might not. This one leaves out a few key scenes that would have made it make more sense - but I was working with what was available at the time.


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Dec. 30th, 2012 02:29 pm (UTC)
I like this Ian Todd guy at youtube> https://www.youtube.com/user/IanTodd82?feature=watch though he needs to get a stopwatch and work at pacing and editing.
The thing with everyone using their own camera and compressing the file down with WMM and e-mailing it to Ian isn't working-- too many differing aspect ratios and audio qualities getting thrown into the brew.

These videos would work better maybe if the troop was together and doing it as an ensemble with Ian in the background doing his retarded falling-down-man or man-with-bad-leg thing. But I know that's cost prohibitive. So it's at least nice that in this electronic fast sharing age you of the troop can at least do this.

And I do think that Ian needs to take more a part in having his character be more vocal about his strange woes-- the silent Charlie Chapman like shots of him jacking around don't cut it alone.

I suppose Ian's taken a beating in the past, being he disallows comments and all.
I'm hoping his mother's house is better than Ollie's and you and he can be married mind.

I do hope your mum didn't give you too awfully a lot of stick this holiday season abouts getting a proper job and all.
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