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Putting it Together

I should definitely have planned some Edinburgh previews. I would have if I wasn't so cowardly - but now it means that the first few shows of the actual Edinburgh run will be the first time I have done almost all of this stuff.


I made a presentation thing as I thought that might help - but the chances are the projector I borrowed and the presentation I made are not really compatible unless I spend money on either a special lead or special programs and I don't have that luxury after spending all spare money on actually getting to Edinburgh (and associated costs).

If I'd had to pay for the venue it might have cost £3000 to £12,000 more than I have spent - but it's all relative because I have still spent everything I have (had!)

Good job I am not sure I want people to come and see it because the costs of PR and marketing would have driven me way over the edge.

Reading through the notes I have - 10 single-spaced A4 pages, not including the presentation, any videos I might use and any of my well-used material.

It takes less than a minute to read in my head but I know from the past that a page of text takes over 6 minutes to perform - so theoretically I have more than enough stuff, it's just doing it in front of people and praying they are not bored that's the real problem.

My mother thinks I should just play them a song on my ukulele every time I see them flagging - but I think a 50 minute uke song might be worse! I could do the Happy Happy Birthday song for that long, though.

I am still looking forward to Edinburgh but it's more about seeing the place and all the people I haven't run into for a while.

I recently saw Matt Welcome's Edinburgh preview and he is also doing the Free Fringe this year in the last week, so I will try to get to that - though I think our shows might be very close to one another, so I will have to run to catch it. That's not a problem though - his show is about how time doesn't really exist.

If the premise is true that is good - if I have successfully written and performed the show at some point then it is already done, and if I haven't then I was never going to.

This explains why when things happen they just happen and no amount of planning and worrying changes the outcome.


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Jul. 24th, 2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
Exciting! I hope you have a great festival x
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